Invited keynote: Prof. Cedric Notredame.

Multiple survival strategies to deal with the multiplication of multiple sequence alignment methods.

In this seminar I will introduce some of the latest developments in the field of multiple sequence alignment construction, including some of the work from my group. I will briefly review the main challenges and the latest work in the field, including ClustalO and the phylogeny aware aligners like SATe and how these aligners relate to consistency based methods like T-Coffee. I will also look at the complex relationship between multiple sequence alignment accuracy, structural modeling and phylogenetic tree reconstruction and introduce the notion of reliability index while reviewing some of the latest advances in this field, including the TCS (Transitive consistency score). I will show how this index can be used to both identify structurally correct positions in an alignment and evolutionary informative sites, thus suggesting more unity than initially thought between these two parameters. I will then introduce the structure based clustering method we recently developed to further test these hypothesis. I will finish with some consideration on the main challenges that need to be confronted for the accurate modeling of biological sequences relationship with a special attention on genomic and RNA sequences. All methods are available from

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